Hi, I’m organising a event with a Chilian collectiv to send money to the first line in Chilean protests.
This event will take place at the L’Uzinne, an underground place on March 7 from 14pm to 6am.
We bring together several collectives active in Brussels, among others: Ades, Compilotheque, Panik, ZinTv, Atp, … We also want to talk about digital rights, virtual identity, free software. Would you be willing to help us with this ???
The goal is to open the place to meet and offer many activities. Here are all the activities that we motivate: circus, serigraphy, gesticulated conference, film projection + small debates / interventions, choral, puppets, traditional dance, labyrinth, creation of masks for the wild carnival.
I will suggest that there be a short film on digital law (which one?) Followed by the intervention of one or two people. It would also be great to have a digital interactive installation like machine learning object recognition :

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Super de te lire @Aurel and yes we would be super interested to participate to this…Let me think about a film, there are not so many that are good, and many people already saw citizen four and such, In fact we were thinking about producing something maybe we would have some rushes available for then.
In all cases we would happily propose an activity with 3TS.

The film you sent makes me think of the work from Keiichi Masuda the one I know is already 10 years old but super accurate:
and he has done others since: such as Hyper-reality

Lets discuss this further

Good news @natacha ,
Here things become tangible… thanks for joining you !
Next day 8th is also important for feminism, let’s say to denounce equally important cause.
So please come with 3TS, we still have time to discuss how to interconnect.
For the projection I think short films will be the best during afternoon. I’m speaking with people about that;
Keiichi Masuda, exactly the kind of art that could really match !
For know I have answers from an accrobat, a famous muppet creator, several groups and Djs…
Tonight metting.
I’ll follow writting here…

Ok activities validated !

  • Muppets and mask workshop
  • Cirk cabaret
  • Traditional dans from Chile
  • Gesticulated conference about capitalism
  • Projection and spitch
  • Serigraphy
  • Concerts : Rock, Cumbia, Fanfare, Live perf and Djs
  • Mapping
  • Labyrinth will also be open

Yo this sounds super nice, but is there any space for 3TS?

L’Uzinne can host 300 persons it is two rooms.
But there is a Labyrinth that will be open and another room.
It depends of what kind of space you need.
You could easily make a stand, put or project on the wall, clothup…
Do you have any idea till now ?

its more of a workshop, it would need a bit of time (around 1h30) and a quiet space, no need to be large, not to many people is better.
tell us sincerily if you think its a good idea or not.

I seems a good idea for me.
The gesticulated conference about capitalism from an ex banker is about 1h30.
Not afraid about time.
Can you tell me more about what the worshop will deal with? If you need help, material,…

Hey Aurel the workshop is a card game that helps to bring people to question their technological practice in the light of their collaboration habits.
It associates practical questions to feminist and STS tactics to enlight the different concerns and needs in a collective intelligent process.
We only need table and chair mybe paper and pen but we can bring them, and we adapt max 15 persons. Ideally we like to work with a group of people who already know eachother but it will not be the case here I guess.

There is a factual description of the process here:

also we can pass by Labokube this we as we still have a key to give back

Hi Natacha,
I did no manage to have a specific room in L’Uzinne so suggest to begin early at 14h30 because It is the time slot available in the back room. Is this ok for you ?
Also I would like to invite you to join us to Radio Panik the day before… 6 of March 19->20h to speak about your activities, women engagment, social fight… What do you think about this ?

ok nice, about l’Uzinne but please announce 3ts on the program I also published a poll can you link it in the annonce? 3TS: 7 Mars 2020 a l'uZinne Soirée en soutient aux manifestants chiliens
I think it is good to know if people come and why to prepare a bit (especially if we do a before party…)

Super Natasha I’ll put the link…
And will you be interested in join the Radio session 6 MArch at 19h radio panik ??

yes I think so, will confirm, what is the name of the show, what is it about.

It’s about going to the studio of the radio to speak live…

yes I get it but I am wondering what is the show hosting us?

anyways I’ll be there, I know where it is, lets meet thers



Good, got it !!

See you there !