title: Symbiogenesis
subtitle: Cyberfeminism

About the Concept

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Symbiogenesis is an evolutionary theory of the origins by which the
endosymbiotic association of 2 organisms generates the existence of a new
entity, all three parties keep their integrity and continue their existence
interdependently, in a symbiogenetic process: 1 + 1 = 1


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  • [The Symbiotic Planet], Lynn Margulis, 1999

[The Symbiotic Planet]: /library/Lynn MARGULIS - The Symbiotic Planet, A New Look at Evolution (1999).pdf


“Symbiosis, the system in which members of different species live in physical
contact, strikes us as an arcane concept and a specialized bioligical
term. This is because of our lack of awareness of its prevalence (…) if you
look at your backyard or community park, symbionts are not obvious but they
are omnipresent.”
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What if

“Although Darwin entitled his magnum opus ‘On the Origin of Species’, the
appearance of new species is scarcely even discussed in his book.” explains Lynn
Margulis in The Symbiotic Planet’s first pages. She believes symbiogenesis is
crucial to evolution, and that: “Physical contact is a non-negotiable requisite
for many differing kinds of life.”

Symbiogenesis is crucial evolution or the formation of species as Margulis

"Observation has led us to now understand evolution as happening along
a non linear process marked by plateau stages of punctuated equilibrium (Stephen
Jay GOULD), meaning that systems and organisms go from one equilibrium state to
another following the path of sudden changes followed by punctuated equilibrium
states. It is therefore very possible to understand better the role of symbiosis
in this evolutionary process as the assimilation of an other organism radically
changes the characteristiques of a genome.

“Symbiogenesis is evolutionary change by the inheritance of acquired gene sets”

“symbiosis generates novelty. It brings together different life forms, always for a reason”. (Ibid.)

Tree of Significance

: endosymbiotic theory

: natural selection

: evolutionnary theory

: symbiosis