What is the Third TechnoScape (3TS)?

This conference aims to explore the concept of 3TS, embedded in the diversity of life, through the convergence of our commitments with various use-cases that will be developed here, each in its own topic, to help us understand some facets of Singular Technologies and situate them in a Third-Technoscape.

In this perspective we invite you to engage in an online conversation on around these two concepts. This will be the main source of our writing, and will take a form between interview and manifesto according to how the conversation evolves: the journey is important.

Together we’re going to report about the practice based research we have been leading in Brussels, involving a number of alternative structures involving community and location, to illustrate various aspects of the concept of Third-Technoscape (3TS).

The Third Technoscape constitutes and is constituted of Singular technologies, like a stitching it binds different situations, each unveils the modes of existence of Singular Technologies within specific peer practices. The realization of the existence out from the market and into practice lead us to reclaiming their condition of existence.

I would write : "A collaborative map which enables citizens to make “shared resources” visible, in the cities of Belgium.

Thank you @mathieu, I updated the text.

Yes can you detail how you see the relation between make ressources visible and citizen participation?

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