Matching Free Technologies to Existing Peer Practice

Free software practice is a close friend to decentralized network processes, their technological propinquity is one of a shared process that builds on independence and interdependence. Decentralization combined to free software allows for reproducible technologies to be existing in multiple contexts each time adapting to a different situation and overtime becoming as diverse as the situation they live in. P.S: wants to expand this technological affinity by looking at the transversal relation between free technologies and actual peer practice; this includes informal or formal collective organizations that gather citizens or non citizens, artists, activists, or else, existing in the main city scape its fringes or the mountains. The objective here is to commit to ways by which free software practice can bind with those existing peer organizations, to build knowledge, forming each time a singular technology because it then is strongly correlated to real life practice.

Organizations are particular in their processes and ways of functioning technological choices contribute to the structures that operate human organizations. The attention paid to technological framework allows for…

  • better understanding of human processes
  • transmission of knowledges and know-hows
  • enhancing decentralized communication

Specificities make for the strength of each organization rather then searching for a unified critical mass this process crucially values each experience looking for its specificity to nourish a diversity of practices, a diversity of voices.

Zinneke is an experienced Brussels based structure that has been working with tens of different local structures in organizing a biennial parade. It has a long habit in dealing with the diversity of human organizations, fostering attention and creative practices.
Zinneke builds transversally in the city environment over time it has knitted across initiatives there is no structure, but an experience a history a modality of exchange between people that is maintained and each time reinvented.
As the Third Technoscape, the lightness of this relation is a binding that engages people powerfully across time. It inhabits the city across multiple spaces each binded to a specific place and their interconnection creates a continuous framework through wich diversity can circulate. As a non uniformizing practice that where knowledge flows transforms and creates durational force by the propagation of diversity.