Testing the Collude collaborative editor


This post is a Collude collaborative editor. Feel free to add to it and test Collude!


Introducing Collude, a collaborative editor for Discourse

Is there a page/resource where we can edit/play and test it?


The first post of this topic is editable collaboratively (like a pad for example). When you create a new post, you can make it collaborative via the ñenu button at the bottom right… Nice


Only the first post of a topic can be turned into a “Collude” collaborative editor.

  1. Create a new topic
  2. In the first post’s options below it, choose the ellipsis () then the wrench tool: then, enable collaborative editing. Immediately you should see the “edit” button with the two hands shaking.

For more information you can refer to the Collude plugin’s Discourse topic.

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