Resist Uniform Normality (/run)

Also available in French: Résister à l’Uniformisation de la Normalité (/run)

Here we are, 2020—what a chaos, what’s left of it? Ties to rebuild and fear to refuse. We had started the year well with a step aside, OFFDEM, the refusal of a capitalist normalization of free software, carried by the in connection with the undocumented, to give back heart to technology. Taking Care has allowed us to clarify this need for sharing which is our strength, and this is how we propose to continue. Continue in Resistance to the Uniformity of Normality.

This political stance of OFFDEM has led to fruitful encounters: a new energy is unfolding with the funding of DREAM, which engages a team of 7 people in research & development on peer-to-peer group collaboration, particularly around IN COMMON data.

In 2021 we are not giving up anything and offer meeting points! First of all, we will be holding OFFDEM, on the first weekend of February in Brussels, around 3 themes: local organization, interoperability & power relations, and collective sovereignty over data.

In the first days of the summer, we will pose the reflections born from this meeting during a new edition of THX, our collective writing experiment of speculative fiction on free technologies in collective practices of resistance.

In the meantime, we hope that this annual passage will reveal the possibility of a shift from nightmare to dream!

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