Material for ---(archaelogy of gynecology)----

here I post a link with an avalanche of links :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
in this list there’s the core of the work I being doing around the history of gynecology… hope is useful

in any case, I can be available this weekend for talk or any other interaction…
all the best!!

Hey @klau thanks much for the avalanche of links, we will try to look at it but not sure we make it this week-end.
Maybe you could curate a bit the information and send only a couple things that we could use to make a story or a character for example.
Also yes it would be amazing to talk during the we, when would be a good moment for you, we could do a remote participation … a video-conf using meet jitsi for example

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<3 @natacha
well here something more focused in characters from a decolonize gender-healers perspective
selection >>
full research >>
colaboration whith mexican magazine hysteria.mex>>

maybe this can work…
and yes!! lest do a meet jitsi!!!

here a little text in french about ANARCHA, LUCY and BETSEY the slaves that where printed in history cause the “father of gynecology” wrote about them

thx loads yes working with anarcha lucy and betsy is somthing I wanted to do since a long time, it can be a real good timing. what would be good timing for remote meet, maybe 3pm CET on saturday, not sure how it would fit for you…

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collage5 collage6 revenge_anarcha

here some images

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Amazing the second image we certainly can use

Also do you know about the freedom video game:

I will check the freedom video game :nerd_face:

IMG_8294 IMG_8297

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hello! how are you doing there?? guess on fire! <3
yesterday I was a little moving arround to much… im free later if you have time or see if can be useful…
bet to all!!

hey Klau,
We are all set with @Amelie_Dumontand @c.nug on her way,how about we chat a bit later, not sure about your time zone over there, would 4pm CET be good for you?


sorry I saw this too late… hope the meeting was great
all the best

Sorry myself, this was a bit messy organisation, lets talk it further we will continue on with is for now we have decided for the beginning of a scenario about HeLa, its here: (I think you can read in french…)

We will keep you updated about how it goes and certainly reference your work in the process, how do you feel we should do, do you want that we chat about it, of so tell us when is suitable for you, or else, do you want to check up here about what we do and feedback when you feel like it. tell us.


LOVE IT!!! great <3 <3
Im already waiting for this! jijiji

once I saw a HeLa cell in the Medical Museion in Copenhagen… was very exciting!!!

here a HeLa rap >>>

best for you all!!!

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