HeLa new start

We are looking to bring our game HeLa to a new start.

HeLa has been developed in the context of Jeu Vide-a a feminist group of women developers willing to set principles for what would be a feminist video game.

HeLa is our first production art and code has mainly been worked by @Amelie_Dumont it is under a free art license and developed with Godot Engine: Hela / Jeu Vide-a · GitLab
HeLa takes place on an asteroid made by the cells of Henrietta Lacks who has served humanity by being used in medical research since 70 years. In this magical place the players discover the history of Henrietta Lacks.
The game play follows Vide-a Game principles of sorority and collective construction and inclusion of the character to the game environment. You play several characters in solidarity aiming to heal rather than to kill.

The project has already 2 completed levels and we are urgently looking for support and people who would help develop the project.

We already have a good base design but we need more support in optimizing what is already there:

  • Code organisation
  • Optimization of the graphics
  • Physics

You are also welcome to contribute from other capacities than code, testing the game and feedback on it here is amazing.

  • A web-based V0.1 is available on vda website:
    Petites Singularités — Jeu Vide-A
  • Translating is a beautiful skill
  • Simply bringing feedback and forwarding this information is amazing.

We are a feminist team and want to continue being a women and trans because we want to continue building knowledge from where we are. Our small group We make to bring mutual support and respect, and abide to Vide-a principles in our daily interactions.

You can join the group working on this project, on this forum, by using this invitation link: petites singularités

You can also directly message @natacha for any questions,

HeLa has received first small starters subsidies from French DICREAM (digital arts agency department of center for cinema) we have used it all already, but we are aiming to look for more.