FSFE Local Group Brussels

:fsfe: FSFE|BXL – A Local Chapter for FSFE in Brussels


  • There’s no FSFE group in Belgium (only one coordinator)
  • A fortiori, there’s no FSFE group in Brussels.
  • As Brussels is at the heart of EU policy, and :ps: is based in Brussels and interested, via the #migration project to promote free software in EU, it makes sense to officially coordinate with the FSFE.
  • The EU Parliament free software group is not super-active…

Task List

Starting Team

Get in touch with contact@fsfe.org with the following information:

  • A proposed name for the team: FSFE|BXL
  • A short description of what the team will do: FSFE:BXL forms a free software lobby in the European capital and coordinates FSFE campaign support in Brussels.
  • Who will be part of the team (to start with):
  • Who is the coordinator(s): @aurion & @how & @zoobab?

European Free and Open Source Software Policy Meeting 2018

The European Free and Open Source Software Policy Meeting will be held on the 2nd of February 2018, 10:00 to 16:00 in Brussels.

Please register here and let’s share here to propose a presentation of what we can do together before January 9 (deadline for presentations).

My FOSDEM Schedule

For the rest I expect being talking to people, not watching to much stuff. Probably stay a bit in the Decentralized room on Sunday morning…

@zoobab, @ptr_here, @natacha, we’re making it again tomorrow night @ @fukami’s, dixit Meredith :smile:

  • Friday also the day of our party :slight_smile:

  • Saturday (NGI Initiative): The NGI initiative is absolute bullshit. I’ve been at one of the first meeting by the European Commission and it was hilarious. I believe it to be a total waste of time and a pet project of some overpaid people. Go to the NGI website and take a look. I strongly believe that very project that talks about blockchain in the context of human rights is either moronic or malicious.

  • Sunday: Right, I can’t be at FOSDEM on Sunday because I’ll be at REcon and need to prepare the afterparty later the day.

Aha! Might be better then :slight_smile:

Granted, but that’s also the first time we get EC calls that invite free software, so it’s a unique opportunity, and we’re gonna take it. If that fails, @natacha and I will build a treehouse instead.

Aha again! Maybe REcon party is a suitable alternative. Let’s see. I know there will be parties at the Hackerspace Brussels, but I shall skip the Saturday night if I want to be up the next morning. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, tonight I’d like to close this topic, as a step towards reconducting this group, but outside of :fsfe: FSFE, since we didn’t get any support there and nobody seems interested in pursuing this vector.

Interest in affiliating to the :fsfe: FSFE has dropped. Meanwhile, our Wednesday Salon has taken over. Closing topic.

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