Wednesday Salon


For the last few months we’ve been meeting on Wednesday nights at @fukami’s place in Brussels to discuss EU policy and free software. Each week different people came, so far a dozen different people. This topic is to announce and discuss our meetings.

10 ans de hackerspace à Bruxelles
FSFE Local Group Brussels

The EU Parliament voted the Copyright Directive including Article 11 (“link tax”) and Article 13 (“upload filters”).

This is a complex issue that will certainly change the face of the Internet giants. But what if it opened opportunities to support the decentralized Web and the Creative Commons?

Certainly something that can be discussed tonight at the Wednesday Salon!


Bruce Schneier’s new book Click Here to Kill Everybody might be a good support for our discussions on EU regulatory fiasco…


Tonight @ Wednesday Salon

NLNet has launched a call for Search & Discovery with a deadline in December. This is the first of a long series since NLNet leads the NGI-ZERO EU consortium that got two proposals through ICT-24…

Also on the menu: the #ps:hcklabxl is getting more meat on its skeleton… We’re growing!

See you at @fukami’s!


Tonight @ Wednesday Salon

Julia Reda has announced the release of FOSSA free software inventory. FOSSA is an EU project to improve Free Software security in the EU.

#public - New ICT EC calls are out! (Also on EC’s site.)

Oh, and BTW – talking about security – the new Funding & tender opportunities site comes with a nice :warning: sign on the padlock: :thinking:


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