Awakening territories to life

Projects engaging our networks beyond Petites Singularités.

You’ve reached, where we (:ps:) are experimenting with engagement, participation, and cooperation (an aesthetics of free software). #cooperation (formerly Zoethics) is the public working group to walk the talk and carve useful concepts out of concrete collective experience in the domains of free technologies and collective action.

Awakening Territories to Life

This conference specifically aims at elaborating a public discourse on such aesthetics through accounts of collective experience at the crossing of collective practice and free technologies. When @natacha and @how proposed the Journal of Peer Production to develop the concepts of the Third TechnoScape and Singular Technologies, we were offered to take an experimental approach to our contribution. This is the place where we want to share this work with you, crafting and carving these concepts from our experience and yours.

The conference spans a number of public and private groups including:

  • #cooperation:cartoclub for cartographers and people interested in exploring maps as an anti-colonialist tool
  • #cooperation:nest (les Nouvelles Études Simondoniennes Transdisciplinaires) qui explorent l’individuation de la pensée de Gilbert Simondon
  • #cooperation:3rd-technoscape that formalizes our research on human-technology hybridization and the (in)formation of collective resistance / resistance collectives.
  • #cooperation:baobaxia exploring eventually connected networks and community memory.
  • #cooperation:symbiosis-and-symbiogenesis proposes a feminist approach to “engage our bacterial relations in cooperation” and explore the idea of network symbiosis.
  • #cooperation:thsf émerge du Toulouse Hacker Space Factory, l’événement annuel organisé à Mix’Art Myrys avec le Tétalab. Ici on l’entend comme une extension des hackerspaces francophones : Trans-HackerSpaces Francophones.

This forum hosts a few working groups, each with specific domains of inquiry:

  • Petites Singularités (#ps) is the workspace for the non-profit organization hosting this forum
  • Accessibilité (#a11y) est une collaboration avec la communauté sourde francophone et d’autres communautés qui requièrent une approche adaptée aux technologies, nourrissant la réflexion sur l’inclusivité et la normalisation des technologies.
  • Migration (#migration) focuses on EU policy to recognize free software as a distinct technology uniquely suited to build public infrastructure, and bring forth a requirement that public money funds public software.
  • Muriquis (#muriquis) focuses on building ways to engage people into transforming their environment collaboratively while respecting life and their communities

We welcome participation, in the form of conversation, interviews, reports, and other forms to unfold as we go. Watch this space!

René Daumal: “On appelle ici art l’accomplissement d’un savoir dans une action.”

As we aim in our different projects to create a specific discourse, we think our actions in the context of a thoughtful approach of society, artistically we apply the knowledge and reflection we have built in our different experiences to specific actions.

In this regards our practices involve all aspects of our lifes and are not divided in time and social frameworks, as they transform all attached moments of life. So would our technological practice the of the platform we use to communicate, our choice to be (or not connected) always (or not), transforms the fundamentals of the networks we are building, and the actions we do.

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The Tree of 40 Fruits

An amazing and inspiring art work grafting trees together to produce wonder… and fruits.

“Why would you do that? You’d have to come back to the tree to harvest again…”

Yeah, maybe that’s the idea.

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