Z7L Single-Sign On

  1. SSO → Single-Sign On – a system to authenticate someone to several services at once.
  2. Z⅂L → shorthand for Zoethical, AKA z7l.
  3. sso.z7l.eu → Z⅂L SSO service

Why SSO?

An SSO service enables authenticating once to use a variety of distinct services. At :ps: we use it to grant access to our members to all our services, and to provide some of these services to the public.

How to use it?

Login using Z⅂L SSO

(Sometimes it appears as authentik.)

Available services

  • Discourse (several)
  • HedgeDoc
  • Mastodon
  • Matrix
  • Peertube (soon)
  • WebDAV (soon)

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