Web comments for nethood.org/zoethical

Web comments for nethood.org/zoethical

Testing if it works now … (changed the title of the html with one of this thread just in case it plays a role)

For some reasons it doesn’t. Comments stopped appearing on this page: http://nethood.org/zoethical/ (just noticed that the comments re-appeared when I commented on the original thread: This will become the title of the topic)

The title is used when creating the topic. But then the topic is linked
to the calling page’s URL. So to change topic, you need to create a
page at another URL. Changing the content of the original page won’t
change the original topic.

Ah yes, that’s why… This topic is not a comments topic, but an introduction to the conference that holds the web comments. So it is not associated with any Web page. Confusion lifted.

I think that part of the confusion was created because the comments stopped showing up, not because of your change, but perhaps because (perhaps) they “expired”? (at the end of the “thread whose comments appear on http://nethood.org/zoethical” it says “This topic will close 7 days after the last reply.”)

Yes the notice is worrying since the corresponding conference (this one) does not have such setting to auto-close topics.
There seems to be a bug here that doesn’t appear, e.g., on https://qw.lesoiseaux.io/ or https://www.zoethical.com/

I will try to set some time aside to debug this…

I think the problem might come from the pattern I used to authorize comments: /zoethical/ instead of /zoethical/.*. Other sites don’t have such a pattern and they worked fine. I tried removing the authorization and rebuilding it, as well as moving all to a new conference. It didn’t work. I might have to check with the database…

Reported bug: