Vide-A at afterwork Conversation

On April 20th I will join After
Work Conversations
symposium at the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag.
The session is called play hard, work harder we will discuss with Haïssam Razouk & Peggy Lecouvey from Solidaires Informatique: " how digital technology shapes (future and current) conditions of work, as well as possibilities for class solidarity."

In this context I will present Jeu Vide-A endeavor and its incentive to organize a feminist video game working group functioning on collaborative and co-learning principles.
I will develop about the issues we have been encountering on many aspects,

Video Game history: why did we get there, what got forgotten and invisibilised.

  • Game history has been told many times and always its relation to industry is considered as a foundational asset never questioned.

  • Necessity to set up specific instances to work in a different format.

    • Freeing our mindset from existing video game models often considered as granted toward explicitly playful and feminist principles.
    • Develop strategies informed by collaborative principles and sisterhood to build up capacity in programming knowledge in order to implement our specific views.
  • Facing systemic issues when needing to develop further our existing work.

    • Women programmers are very scarce and very busy how to reach out them?
    • Game development in the global south i as important as it is invisibilised and the access to needed tools and development capacity. Isabelle Arvers has developed a decolonial perspective and a global south game tour.[2]
    • Non existence of any framework that support exploration and imposition of specific formats and tools.
  • Strategies and community

    • Reoccupy the digital art and game space: Isabelle Arvers has developed a decolonial perspective and a global south game tour.[2:1]
    • Draw different cartographies: Some References
    • Free Software community, do we need a different kind of software
    • Do we need different kind of work organisation.

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