The web can be weaponised – and we can't count on big tech to stop it

Tim Berners-Lee’s vision completely aligns with the @PUBLIC vision.
I think it’s time for @Migrators to activate!

What will it take to actually achieve this goal? We must support policies and business models that expand access to the world’s poorest through public access solutions, such as community networks and public wifi initiatives. We must invest in securing reliable access for women and girls, and empowering them through digital skills training.

Today, I want to challenge us all to have greater ambitions for the web. I want the web to reflect our hopes and fulfil our dreams, rather than magnify our fears and deepen our divisions.

As the late internet activist, John Perry Barlow, once said: “A good way to invent the future is to predict it.” It may sound utopian, it may sound impossible to achieve after the setbacks of the last two years, but I want us to imagine that future and build it.

Let’s assemble the brightest minds from business, technology, government, civil society, the arts and academia to tackle the threats to the web’s future. At the Web Foundation, we are ready to play our part in this mission and build the web we all want. Let’s work together to make it possible.

PUBLIC is about the vision of a Public Universal Base that embraces the values of open collaboration, ethical design, free software, open hardware, the commons and popular education to create a lasting public digital infrastructure that is a commons. At :ps: we set it out as a Libre Aesthetics built on three pillars: participation, engagement, cooperation.

I invite all people who care about this vision to come and support our vision for “Future Hyper-connected Sociality”. We need letters of support from individuals and organizations in the field of free software, digital rights. Invite your friends to the Migrators group, let’s start making this new step towards a cooperative society together!

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