The consortium structure idea

Hi Hellekin,

This is the idea I told you about, regarging to the consortium organization:

You know my lean canvas, written 2 years ago for the Coboat contest, about creating a social network for geeks, based on some free software social platform, and run by community elected rules, based on systems like Holacracy and other similar ones:

Now I have a bit more clear idea how it could happen.

Here are the details:

Business model:
I think the best way it will work will be as an incubator or accelerator for FLOSS projects.

I think we have the next options:

  • to adapt some of the available free software centralized social networking solutions
  • to use Diaspora or similar FLOSS decentralized solutions from the Federation
  • to try solutions approaching decentralied publishing and crypto currencies like DECENT

Community management rules:

  • they will be selected via crowdsourced project, comparing Holacracy and all its competitors

Management, R&D and support:

  • via EVS
  • via network of university students and PhDs, adapting the crowdsourced innovation model of P&G
  • FLOSS development partners
  • international tech startup accelerators and incubators
  • paid staff
  • volunteers


  • EU funding
  • crowdfunding from IndieGogo and cryptocurrency crowdfunding systems like DECENT and other similar ones
  • VCs like Nadia, who realize the FLOSS’s impact to the economy

Early adopters:


  • via tech hackerspaces
  • via big communities like CCC and FOSDEM
  • influencer marketing:
    *via famous tech influencers and their foundations. There are famous influencers from the tech area who share our goals like Jan Koum, Dustin Moskovitz(About Us | Good Ventures) and many others

*famous influencers from other areas supporting the freedom and liberty as values. We could invite the actors of the Matrix movie as they share our values.

Let me kniw what do you think about this.


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