Storming the Gamergate

I was invited by Lídia Peireira to the expert meeting gathering around her PHD thesis , “Storming the Gamergate”. The experience was really interesting Lidia has formed a really amazing group composed of a variety of critical thinkers that could have been opositionnal but end up being complementary:

Dr Jamie Woodcock (
“Dr Jamie Woodcock is a researcher based in London and a senior lecturer at the University of Essex. He is the author of books including Troublemaking (Verso, 2023), Employment (Routledge, 2023), The Fight Against Platform Capitalism (University of Westminster Press, 2021), The Gig Economy (Polity, 2019), Marx at the Arcade (Haymarket, 2019), and Working the Phones (Pluto, 2017). His research is available to read online and has been featured widely in the media. It is inspired by workers’ inquiry and focuses on labour, work, the gig economy, platforms, resistance, organising, and videogames. He is on the editorial board of Notes from Below and Historical Materialism.”

Dr Sonia Fizek (Prof. Dr. Sonia Fizek – Cologne Game Lab)
“Sonia Fizek is a digital wanderer and a ludic thinker; on a more formal note, a digital games and media theorist. She is also an associate editor of the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds, a leading international journal publishing academic work in the field of game studies.”

And myself.

Her question for this meeting was:

  • In the context of art education, how can the introduction of critical videogame theory and design open up the space for critically engaged artists and practitioners, stimulating and promoting practices that openly challenge the status quo within the videogaming industry and culture?

That she had divided in several subsets, and that were approached very differently by each of us.
I will share the notes here as soon as they will be summarized and I have participants authorization.

I did learn a lot from other’s experience in teaching into Game Development Schools and academia.
And I think this group can be a good support for Jeu Vide-a