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Hi there,
I’ve been working for the past year on a book (written in French) with a journalist, trying to feed our fight here for free software and its spirit. The intention for such book came from analyzing that one of the main blocker in this fight is not necessarily technical but rather a question of where the spotlight is in the public conversation.

And at the moment, public attention is mainly directed towards GAFAM. The color has changed recently and it’s true we passed from praising them to shouting at them. With that, much people are feeling despair while using these tech because they don’t know about alternative being imagined and conceived in communities like here.

So our main intention with this book is to say: “GAFAM and their world cannot be trusted because of this (surveillance capitalism) and that (massive surveillance) and this (danger for our democracies). Great people are fighting for our freedoms, here’s how some of them do and what they do (free software, non profit structure, coop…). Now you get it, here’s a set of tools you may adopt to participate to the movement.”

Here’s the link to the book:

Ebook is without DRM and it’s license allows to share it with family and close friends. A part of its benefit will be distributed to non-profit initiatives developing free softwares we used to write the book (listed at end of the book).

I hope this news finds you well and it will give you energy and hope to keep pushing the fight. Thank you for all what you’re doing.

And if you happen to read it, please feel free to share your feedback. It would be much appreciated :slight_smile: And if you like it, please speak about it around you. We won’t do ads on Facebook and else to make it known hehe

Maxime (

PS: I discovered about P.S thanks to Natacha and Zenyev who I had the pleasure to interview in the context of this book last year at FOSDEM19.


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