Quantify Wholeheartedly

## Collective Interface That Permits Plural Body Measurements While you walk this app (we) synthesise the data from your phone accelerometer, measure the number of steps you make, and feed it back to the construction of an amazing drawing. You are not alone into this, contrary to usual 'self tracking app' this one allows you to collectively contribute your steps to the project. The data you give out will not be fed by to you in bars and charts, but will generate a beautiful drawing. Opening at Constant VZW on June, 8th, 2017. Quantify Wholeheartedly was made possible by a prototype grant from DICRéAM. ![logo-dicream|105x32](upload://ercn0cCbkLFaWs071yoWVRttY3E.png) In a world where digital practices are omnipresent, everything is measurable, including the number of steps we make, the amount of water we drink daily or even one's level of happiness. Self-quantification inhabits everyday practices. It becomes a game in which our body is envisioned as a set of numbers and charts that suppose to coach us towards a "better life". Self-quantification is at the origin of forms of body representations that blur the boundaries between what is considered to be direct social control (measuring and quantification) and other forms of spectacle where bodies are constrained in aesthetic modelled forms and visualised as charts. This project was launched within the Brussels' women and free software group Samedies to explore the differences between community health support groups and commercial social networks organised by the corporations that develop self tracking applications. Participants in Samedies developed their own interfaces and tools and came up with a series of small games that propose a different approach, both feminist and collective. The 'butterfly' image is in the public domain.
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