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Decentralized Internet & Privacy

:ps: Get your decentralized project some EU funding presentation of the PUBLIC EU consortium has been accepted at the Decentralized Internet and Privacy Devroom of FOSDEM 2018.


Apart from PUBLIC, this year the DIP devroom is showcasing @panayotis’s MAZI Project and the Openki the platform for open education, as well as a handful of decentralized projects: the RIPE ATLAS probe, the Tor and I2P networks, OpenDHT and the RING network, data distribution in the RetroShare network, a presentation of Matrix novelties such as Communities and user interface to cryptographic functionality, two Framasoft presentations that follow each other (on PeerTube and Contributopia) and two SecureDrop presentations that don’t follow each other (why?), as well as CryptPad (and how not to trust the server), Privacy Score (and how to trust a server), the LEAP project, and EteSync, an AGPL tamper-proof journal system.

100% 94.1% White Male

:ps:'s talk scheduled for Sunday, February, 4th in room H.1301 (Cornil) at 09:30 (:clock930: in the morning) That’s pretty early for a Sunday, yes? But what’s more troubling is that the whole day schedule which counts 17 interventions will be presented, correct me if I’m wrong, by 17 16 white males and one female.

What is this supposed to tell about the state of the decentralized Internet effort? As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been talking to several women about these issues over the years, like @sva, @SDD, @nana, @ksenia, @heathermarsh, Demos, Julia, Andrea, Krista, Tanja Lange, etc. Why is it that our community is ceaselessly reproducing the same old paternalist bias? I’m trying to convince @natacha or @SDD to make the presentation instead of me, which is not given yet, since @natacha told me she wouldn’t be there based on the 100% male line-up.

Should I stay or should I go?

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I know for a fact that presenters are not 100% male. Hard to guess when people use anonymous nicknames :wink:


Welcome Loic! There’s only one presentation that does not give a name in the Decentralized room, and AFAIK all others are males. Can you hint me?

Ah, RedShiftZero! I corrected the percentage :wink:


I am not able to parse this - and also not able to use a webforum… is
there anything i can do for you?

Will be in Brussels on 22-24th Jan for



P.S.: @ FOSDEM 2018


Interestingly, @taziden from Decentralized Room team decided to handover the organization of the room for next year, preferably to a woman. He wrote in a Mastodon message:

On espère une salle plus grande l’an prochain, et qu’une nouvelle équipe d’orga se manifestera car nous souhaitons passer le flambeau !

“We’re hoping for a larger room next year, and that a new organizational team step up, as we wish to pass the torch!”

Then :

@how @bram @Siltaer @whilelm @nitot let’s do an (early) call for organizers, shall we?


  • Need to be involved in at least one cool decentralization related project
  • Better if not a cis white male

What do you say?

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