Petites Singularités - A reader for 'Ultra Gauche'

Last August at THK we worked on a 3TS Reader which remains a work in progress.

The first version was hand-coded HTML and full of holes. As @natacha has been very active pushing contents lately, I worked on transferring this legacy work to a new Git repository on Gitlab:

This new repository aims at solving two things:

  1. the unchecked growth of the repository (already over 9000 MiB!)
  2. the ease of editing contents

First point is the main reason for a new repository: so we can use
git lfs (Large File Storage) to keep PDF files and other large assets
out of the Git repository to keep it lean.

Second point is solved with using nanoc, a simple site generator from
Markdown files.

As we use nanoc and git-lfs we also enable users to edit directly
from the Web editor in a Gitlab, while retaining the capacity to
automagically deploy the static site to its original location at

Truth is, the latter point is not yet ready, so the new URL is that integrates well with the Git process: simply push to the master branch, and you’re set. Working with git-lfs on our original deployment requires some additional work which is not yet in the pipeline.

For now I kept the repository visible only by authenticated Gitlab users to avoid having Copyright bots scanning our contents and threatening to remove, e.g., the contents of the /library/ :wink:

If you’d like to participate in the edition of the site, you’re welcome to discuss it here or request invitation to the 3TS group on Gitlab.

In order to move from to, @natacha, you need to follow the tutorial at