#Overheard at THX

This is a list of some corridor, kitchen or workshop conversation topics that one was either actively involved in or that were overheard (and as such may have been partly or misunderstood) and one would have liked to comment on and/or ask questions. The list is intentionally concise (vague) One may recognise it if one was there.

Please add your own. (is it possible to make this post a wiki - is it editable by all?)

The intention is not necessarily to open discussion of these topics here on the forum.

  • Research into “Social” Networks and an association with stress/suffering
  • Non binary as very significant ally in social + political struggle, or control of the body as base (requirement)?
  • The question of contemporary feminism having become less militant than in the past and a more divided movement (as a view that is or has been expressed)
  • “Growing” “meat” and other fake food stuff, (impossible food?)
  • A “Paradox” (maybe) - contemporary european life of tax/insurance/rent//dependency/services == no time to hack, vs the relative large amount of free time available to people in less “developed” parts of the world.
  • Some various comments on concrete tech people are developing or have developed.
  • Adhocracy requires communication.
  • This is all beginnings…

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