Oh man it has been many years since I last visited this forum!

How are you doing everybody? Let me share the link to this forum with our IT worker coop federation :smile::smile: https://patio.coop

Hey @yasu! We actually mentioned you in a conversation about when you posted, since @inari was here with us doing A Practical Guide to Making an Energy Drink from Japanese Knotweed. There must be some material link between minds…

Glad you started patio.coop. Did you see https://libreho.st and https://in.fra.red?

These days we’re working on jeu vide-a (feminist video game), THX (anti-militarist short stories), and an upcoming project with GNU Taler (electronic payments). Still mentoring with ngi0.

A good way to follow what we’re doing is to follow the async tag. The public page has RSS: AsynChronicles - petites singularités.