Notes from the third 3ts playsession

There were only a couple persons present for this playsession.
We used the online card deck to draw cards: 3TS Card Game

First round

Question card

What are the informatics tools you use everyday?

We discussed whether the question was targeting specifically communication tools or not, then decided that the question was aiming to both offline and online tools.

But it appeared from the examples that informatics is mostly understood as communication.
As an offline example Paper Posters and flyers were cited.
as software: Notion an online software aiming to support you in organising information.
Then other example of software came about as graphic software and text based software.

Tactic card

  • transduction:
    Start from the center, Seize the emerging dimensions that are bringing resolution.

We gave an explanation about this concept that comes from notions studied in physicsm and visually brings the mind to fractal images presenting cristallisation.
This is a very complex card and we did not have many understanding on how to apply this notion.
Furthermore as there was no real problematic that emerged from the example given in response to the question card. We therefore decided to draw another card

Second round

Question card
Do you sometimes feel lonely in sharing social concern or engaging in critical thinking.

When I first started activism it always runs in your mind and its frustrating like you do not feel that anyone would understandm nor your family or friends, They would say ok I understand your concerns but what’s the big deal about it why can’t you just enjoy this popular movie.

Tactic card

  • Minorization:
    Identify resonnant places, look for existing organisations of like minded people that share similar concerns.

To not feel alone we need to join our communities
the question is how do we do this

  • Put it out in the world-
    How do we do this
    -using corporate platforms with hastags, there is no alternative, then move from there.

Other options look for the organisations themselves their website for example and contact them directly.