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Richard Heeks was my PhD student’s external examiner in his PhD viva on community based ICTs in Guyana, and I have a lot of respect for his thinking…he’s just emailed with the following:

"The recently published Information Systems Journal paper, “Conceptualising the Link between Information Systems and Resilience: A Developing Country Field Study” presents a systematic new framework for evaluating the relationship between ICTs and resilience:

Testing the framework through a field study in Costa Rica, the paper shows how this can be used to set action priorities for strengthening resilience, and draws out a future research agenda on ICTs and resilience.

We will be happy to engage with colleagues undertaking future research at the intersection of digital technologies and resilience: do let us know if you have current or planned work in this domain.

With good wishes
Richard Heeks
Director, Centre for Development Informatics
GDI, SEED, University of Manchester, UK

Heeks & Ospina (2018) Conceptualising the link between information systems and resilience.pdf (369.4 KB)

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