Hack₂O at OFFDEM

OFFDEM team received a proposal to discuss water during OFFDEM. Here is what I proposed in response. I would be very happy to see @sofija in this context, especially for the second part :slight_smile:

I’m very interested in a Hack₂O WG at OFFDEM.

With @XavCC we’ve been planning a campaign about the stakes related to water, on two grounds:

  1. Water quality: the chemical aspects of water, with DIY/DIT software and hardware to test water quality and detect various problems linked to widespread pollution. These can engage people around their water basins and lead to collaboration with hackerspaces for the materials, and with local collectives for grassroots movements…
  2. Water accessibility, and especially common threats, e.g., with lithium mining projects in Serbia, Sami land, and other places in the world.

I would certainly participate in such a WG.

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