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Hello everyone… a lot of familiar faces here! It’s good to be among @how’s friends! One thing about discourse, I noticed that the listings in cannot be configured not to be listable by bots and strangers. I’m afraid that, should any legislation limit the damages caused by the Facebook database, more energy will go into reaping public information from open source tools such as this one… can we figure out a way to hide who has joined which group? Can we avoid showing any user information to not-logged-in-entities entirely? Bisoux from Berlin.

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Hi @lynx! Group visibility is configurable by group. Some groups are “publicly visible” while others are not. Having publicly visible groups facilitate interaction but indeed can reveal information. There are several ways to avoid it, which I did not investigate yet. I’d be happy to do so. E.g., using nginx to prevent showing some paths, or writing a plugin that does the same.


I tried to change the configuration of the group but found no switch that would stop it from being listable. Each group listed on that group listing page is clickable and shows who’s in it. I think Discourse should never show any of that information to anyone who didn’t bother to get themselves a login.

Maybe even the debates shouldn’t be available to search engines and analytica bots, really… either you have heard of that forum where political hot topics are discussed in a non-surveilled environment, or you haven’t heard of it. Why be searchable when it doesn’t actually provide more visibility in a politically useful sense?

But then it also makes sense to change Discourse’s e-mail gateway not to deliver the actual content in the notifications… and so it all ends up being quite a drastic change.

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