France & Fascism

April, 4th:

F̷̪̤̋ṟ̵͙̾͗a̷̛̩̎n̴͙͙̿́c̸̙͙̈e̵̪͒’s Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, is attacking the League for Human Rights @LDH_Fr by announcing that it will have to take a close look at its funding.
The last time the LDH_Fr was attacked to this extent and dissolved was under the Vichy regime which collaborated with the Nazi regime.

LDH_Fr which has been fighting for human rights since 1898

In F̷̪̤̋ṟ̵͙̾͗a̷̛̩̎n̴͙͙̿́c̸̙͙̈e̵̪͒, police violence has been raging every week for months and years. The last big wave was against environmental peace activists. The police used methods of unprecedented violence, military tactics of armed conflict, and weapons of war.
Immediately a petition, via the website of the National Assembly, was created to demand the dissolution of one of the most violent police units named BRAV-M.

Yesterday, the French state cancelled this petition. Today “For Romain Baubry, RN deputy (extreme right), the people who signed the petition are neither more nor less than members of extreme left-wing militias.” (you can think here about the potential of using directory and identification files of individuals)

We need help, we need to knock on our friends’ doors and we need them to open those doors.

This morning people assembled at a roundabout and slowed down traffic, talking to drivers on their way to work. One of them announced that the French government announced military reserve would go up to 70 years old, have you heard of this?

LPM 2019-2023

Officiel :

LPM 2024-2030

Novembre 2022 :
Janvier 2023 :
Avril 2023 : c’est dans la presse, 413 milliards d’euro, relève de l’âge maximal des réservistes à 70 ans…


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This attack is a consequence of the «loi séparatisme» and in particular the republican contreact of engagement.

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