Facial recognition --- Looking for activism help in Brussel

Dear all, good morning!

The AIAact is in its final stages of discussion. One of the ‘defeats’ we could take, for now, is that at the beginning of the negotiations there was an interest in making facial recognition entirely forbidden… but this changed during the negotiations.

As things stand, they want to allow facial recognition, done by private individuals, in public spaces (as long as it is ex-post, which can mean as little as 30 seconds). in other words, a problem.

So as a final action we are launching an impromptu campaign, dontspy.eu, in which:

  1. we copied all the faces of the MEPs
  2. then ran a facial recognition tool that associates emotions, age, gender with MEPs.
  3. activities will follow to show the extreme problems of facial biometrics to the public.

Now I have no details yet to share (printing their faces to pollute the recognition, or finding similarities with sex offender registries… it is in between what we can do and what is realistic).
The campaign also has a second message about ‘sandboxes’, but in this introductory email I will not share too many details, I will send you a mock-up ASAP.

The important message is that we might need help from people in Brussels. We might also consider to print material, but we would need people in place spreading it, distributing, etc.
I wanted to start to sparkle possible interest, and collect expression of interest from whom, in Brussels, can help.

The parliament discussion would be around the 26th of April, so we need to get public (soft lunch) next week and raise the mess in two weeks.

Claudio and the others with me

Everything is made to remove people’s agency and bring blanket surveillance to all the population — except those driving on the backseat of limos and flying helicopters. Progress is indeed progress of the State and surveillance of its enemy: all of us.

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Thank you for this, please keep us informed we will support if we can.

Thanks for your interest, I didn’t update you early because has been quite hectic. Now I’ve more clarify and material to share and update.

https://dontspyonus.eu is the website, it is going to be announced today, and we’re collecting also a list of organizations that want to “support” the initiative. Can I add also petite singularites?

About physical stunt in Brussels, something might be done in the week of the 10th of May, should I ask for details or make connections?


I @vecna Congratulations,

The idea is great and works well, I like the idea of the contests it works…
yes certainly petites singularités can support this, however we cannot participate to the deep fake contest by lack of a ̵̻̏T̴͙̾w̵̛̲a̶̐͜t̴̟̍t̵̥̆e̸̱̚r̶̯̈́ account, I’m quite sure you’d have some success on mastodon for this maybe we could hold an account there on our servers for this purpose or you could host it elsewhere…
As for the Open Data face, I do not know of any suitable AI model, will look around, or maybe someone else has an idea…

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You may use the :ps: logo in SVG if you like @vecna, pointing to https://ps.lesoiseaux.io/.


ps logo svg

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Thanks, I should push an update today with the organization supporting the initiative.

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