Django Upgrade Path Towards 2.0


@befree told me that there’s an issue with upgrading Debian and South support / deprecation. Do you know how to fix that?

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The main problem is not the Debian upgrade, but the need to upgrade Django to a newer version.

In Django 1.8 and onwards (IIRC, might also be 1.6), South is a part of core Django and migrations are handled slightly differently. I don’t think that’s the hardest thing to fix, I worry more about other changes to Django in order to do the upgrade.


Do you think it’s possible to upgrade straight to 2.0 or does it require step-by-step upgrades?


I’d suggest step by step. 1.8 and 1.11 are still supported LTS versions, so I think first consolidate on 1.8 and make sure everything works, then step to 1.11 and finally 2.0.

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Note that updating Django is very important.

Python 2.7 is going to be officially retired in 2020 (i.e., only two years from now) and even though installations are likely to linger on from years to come, Python 2 is going to disappear from OS distributions. IIRC, Django 1.8 is the first version of Django to support Python 3.


I’m working on a project to fund free software for “search & discovery”. I think it’s pertinent to introduce Baobaxia in this context to get funding for the upgrade. If you’re interested, @Baobaxia, we can talk about it.


I think that sounds very interesting! I’m finding it very difficult to get the ball rolling without funding - that could make the whole difference.


I’m at Tainã… reconnecting the digital front.

Looking forward to make common plan to get out of the nightmare.

I saw the call. Do you think we can apply?

I’ve started to play on bbx libs upgrade some days ago:


You must apply! I think it’s best that @agger does it as he’s the European one.

It’s a two pager. I will have the points to address ASAP. But you must think about it right now in terms of several iterations of development, each requiring its own funding.

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