DIY devices to save lives

All necessary steps to diy respirators

hackerspaces build faceshields

I don’t know if this is DIY but I have put a computer at its service:

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From a friend in Brazil:

Other concern is bio-degradable materials…

So I’m aiming to do this : a mask for the general public easy to “mass-produce” but in PLA.

Covered to make it waterproof and with no filter because that’s another huge subject (cotton+copper maybe).

FabLabs are super-active and I have found a wonderfull doc here :

You can see there’s 3D-printed stuff all over the place.

Other interesting subject is UV-sterelization boxes (saw a project from japan super easy to make but can’t even find the link right now).

Don’t have time to say more and even, it’s not my specialty, so I’m trying to focus on 3DP.

(Published on the hackerspaces mailing-list)

@ana, looks like the FAH project is not compatible with Debian Buster (thanks to, once again, systemd). I will try to install it on a raspi…

thanks wendy for the link…

une liste très complète sur les pad d’usinette: