Baobáxia - The Road of Baobabs


Baobáxia is a free software developed by a network of local traditional communities, called Mocambos Network, mainly based in Brazil.

We’d like share and develop Baobáxia with other hackers, communities and collectives, and start thinking on a free digital land that can be a common territory to grow our digital plants (softwares).

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LOL! Nice to find this. It looks like it was made yesterday :wink:



we can organize something this year too? Tc, Layla and I from Casa de Cultura Tainã / Mocambos network we maybe will be in DW Global Media Forum in deutschland in june…

Let’s organize something!

In the meanwhile, as we deicided on San Matteo meeting, we started an RFC to speak on wider idea of Free Digital Territories:

I hope we can join to restart baobaxia development!


I copied the contents of the pad locally to RFC: Free Digital Territories Protocol, so you can see how much better than a pad Discourse is. Ping @arianestolfi and @agger. Please invite the other 2 people here. The post is a wiki, and you can quote parts of the text in replies in order to discuss them. You’ll thank me :wink:.

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