About the Public Money Public Code conference

Purpose of this Conference

To support an FSFE Campaign and reclaim Free Software from publicly funded projects across Europe.

This conference serves to build compelling arguments and prepare communications to help convince public authorities and the public that free software is indeed the right choice, in support of the Public Money, Public Code campaign organized by the :fsfe: FSFE. It builds on the Simondonian argument that differentiates open technical objects from closed technical objects.

At :ps: we’re working with philosophers to explore the meaning of free technologies and the scope of the philosophy of Gilbert Simondon with regard to free software. We’ll use this as a basis to support the FSFE campaign, and provide support towards the main objective of the campaign, notably in France (watch this space for updates.)

:information_source: You can participate by email by sending messages to: pmpc@zoethical.com. Be sure to always use the same email so that you can track your own contributions.

The :fsfe: Free Software Foundation Europe is preparing the PMPC campaign to ask all the public authorities in Europe that develop software inhouse or that pay external software development and finance or co-finance the development with public funds, to release the software under a Free Software licence that guarantees the four essential freedoms: to use, study, share and improve the code.

About the campaign: Public Money Public Code

The FSFE is preparing a campaign that demands from European governments to make sure that whenever public authorities develop software in-house or order external software development and finance or co-finance it with public funds, to release the software under a Free Software licence.

The campaign will be rolled out in three stages:

  1. We collect information about the use and misuse of public money regarding software development.
  2. We use this information for analysis and publications to highlight the importance about publicly financed software to be published as Free Software.
  3. We try to make momentum for our message and our data via web, prints and social media.