About the Artificial Spirituality conference

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“It is a game, everything is a game. When all four of them are lying on the ground, that cannot be handled naturalistically. That has got to be done artificially, balletically. Otherwise everything becomes an imitation, an imitation of reality […]. It should become clear and transparent, not dry. It is a game in order to survive.”
– Samuel Beckett commented, the first time he directed Waiting for Godot himself.

We are here but, in the techno-scientific civilisation, where is GOD?

Can the processes let GOD emerge? How can we let the machine be conscious of its GODlike qualities?

As Vladimir and Estragon we realize the circular and self-referent nature of our experiences however, we still are waiting.

This project will bring together the different artistic contributions to unveil an artificial spirituality and its subsequent impacts on our relations to machine, in an event in Brussels next autumn during a couple days in collaboration with YIALP.
The festival will happen as a participative proposition were participants are called to bring their contributions both to the program and its organisation. This conference is set to organise the festival together please feel free to bring your ideas.

O Ray! O Ray!

The movie [Matrix] celebrates those humans who choose to be completely unaltered by technology, even spurning the bioport. Incidentally, in my book The Age of Spiritual Machines2, I refer to such people as MOSHs (Mostly Original Substrate Humans).

C’est moche.

“A mind that stays at the same capacity cannot live forever; after a few thousand years it would look more like a repeating tape loop than a person. To live indefinitely long, the mind itself must grow […] and when it becomes great enough, and looks back […] what fellow feeling can it have with the soul that it was originally? The later being would be everything the original was, but vastly more.” – Vernor Vinge

Swimming Scientifically Taught: A Practical Manual for Young and Old

Suzan Treister Hexen 2.0 Tarot Deck can be a really good project for the late evening.

“there are now more automated sensors perceiving our environment and the elements that constitute it than there are living human beings” (Tironi, 2017, p. 2)

Tironi, M. (2017). Regimes of Perceptibility and Cosmopolitical Sensing: The Earth and the Ontological Politics of Sensor Technologies. Science as Culture, 1–7.

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From Religion for Breakfast drawing parallel between transhumanism and apocalypse