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Quantification processes how normative are they?

Health trackers help you track and measure specific events of your daily life, mainly the number of steps that you make, the number of water glasses you drink, or your heart beat for example. This helps to track your level of activity, eventually deducing your sleeping time, and finally updating your calories or water intake.All this information is then algorithmically organized demonstrated and quantified.

One can ask what is the scope of this quantification process that discriminates certain specifics of the body. It seems clear that quantified self technologies are simply not designed with a full range of bodies in mind.

Indeed, as body information becomes data, not only does it seems that the measurements are reductionists, but also that social contexts are abstracted away. It is worth asking wether inequalities would be solidified and aggravated by means of their lack of representational presence. If differences, gender based or otherwise, are not represented in data, then it is difficult to address inequalities, but that does not mean that they are not present.

Quantification as a terrain for feminist action

It is as if modern surveillance systems operate upon logics of disembodied control at a distance. As such, they artificially abstract bodies, identities, and interactions from social contexts in ways that both obscure and aggravate gender and other social inequalities.

Further more quantify self procedures drive on a terrain of feminist self help that is not profiting from the Web 2.0 processes that mostly interferes with it by appropriating its languages and processes to the benefit of corporations. http://lesoiseaux.io/doku.php?id=feminism_and_the_quantified_self

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