About Mobilizon

Framasoft has successfully launched the Mobilizon crowdfunding and is developping a new software event and community organisation software.
Since event and community/resistance organisation is a lot of what we do we thought it would be interesting to relate to them and understand how we should relate to this new proposition.

There is many conversations happening here, thanks to the implication of people from existing projects, the topic is quite long to read, I will here try to summarize some of what has been said but please refer to original topics .
The more this conversation develops, the more it appears clearly that there is already a large ecosystem of activists publishing event websites from news sites to event listings, and they express the need to collaborate. This existing ecosystem can benefit from an activitypub implementation such as the one proposed by Mobilizon, it can even help creating a basis for collaboration in the larger diverse ecosystem, and it looks like input from Mobilizon devs is asked.

Some of the issues that rose almost immediately concern the way to deal with Authoring and identity, among other things, group as an element of organization, separated from event, and the concern that Mobilizon’s approach might make it difficult for others to share.

If such a thing happened, Mobilizon could harm existing ecosystem, by creating a split and isolating existing groups, as I understand this is not the goal pursued by the project, we feel it is urgent this conversation happens.

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