2nd 3TS play session at FTP

Discussing Radio as a mean of diffusion,

This session brought together very few persons, it turned out to be a quite in depth discussion.

We first draw a question card:
How do you share what you produce electronically.

Starting from the statement that rather then using large outreaching tools that we did not know whom they reached out and how there were organised it felt better to share in smaller groups that are hosted in places of trust and hopefuly communicating with eachother.
There are also different means for different mediums sound, image, text, video… do not need to be using the same platform.
Radio is also a very useful tool, while fm radio is strongly reguated almost everywhere, there are still a some community projects in several occidental cities, and there are other projects that try to circumvent the limitations:

The tactic card that got to us was Transduction: seize the emerging dimensions that are bringing resolutions - start from the centre.

And we realised that other than the meaning of transduction in physical systems, there was another meaning in Biology, that did not convey the same type of reality at all.
So we stuck to the original proposition to start from the center, and realized it was probably the conversation we engaged already about the need to keep focus, engaging in communities that can be perceived (traced?) by us, that is: we feel part of something. It feels that previous assumptions were looking to address globality, be universal, or provok large scale transfomation. These ideas bring with them many impossibilities both conceptually and pragmatically, creating places of non existence and paranoia instead of building communities for the long term.

In Malaysia there was a crazy big project to build an FM emitter on a neighboring island: “RadiqRadio brought together by the center for independent journalism Malaysia, was collaborating with RadiqRadio - a community radio initiative in Indonesia. This was what we were trying to do - set up a radio tower that can broadcast to Sarawak (east Malaysia), as a way to circumvent the strict censorship of radio and all kind of media in Malaysia. The tower got built but technical failure, couldn’t broadcast, but we did a lot of community engagement and training with diff groups in diff localities all over Malaysia - east and west”

In Europe there is Pi-Node that proposes the pi-box to stream fm radio at very local scale and allows to create a stream on their online platform.
We wondered how the Pi-Box could be useful in times of internet shutdown, need to look into this.

We also mentioned the new version of Baobaxia: baobaxia · PyPI