Yo’Kaai is interested in anchor points such as locks, shipyards and ports, the quay, places where new forms of social contact can arise.

We are renovating a boat Techotsukumogami * - collectively in the port of Brussels - Breaking the white, masculine, cis, patriarchal attitude, which is the norm within the maritime world, by our presence and activities.

Collective warfs, install party’s, radiolistening sessions, …

Techotsukumogami is a sailing boat made in Wemmel, produced on a number of copies in the late seventies by Plastic Works Shipyard. The upper deck was designed by the Belgian boat designer Beekman, grandfather of Le Chien Vert, a successful fabric shop on the canal in Brussels. Techotsukumogami belongs to a generation of boats from the sixties and seventies that were manufactured from thermosets such as polyester and fibreglass processed in resin. This material allowed large-scale production of sailboats for the well-to-do middle classes and encouraged families to take to pleasure craft. Today, however, the life cycle of these boats is complete and, affected by the age of their initial owners, they are offered for sale in vain, forgotten or eventually abandoned.
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