What is THX?

Continuing the discussion from About THX:

This topic is to clarify what is THX, with the aim to populate the description above in a structured way:

  1. The first sentence (< 200 characters) will appear in the boxed list of #cooperation. It should convey what THX stands for, what readers will find there.
  2. The rest of the topic should respond to the questions mentioned above, and can be structured according to the following:
    1. What is at stake (les enjeux): to make explicit the relation with resistance networks and their technical embrace (the #engagement:3rd-technoscape perspective)
    2. What means we engage to unfold the #thx-topic
    3. Orientation for newcomers

We follow up with the wiki (next post) and usual replies.

This is a 200 characters max sentence saying what THX is about.




I finally understood what you mean. You’re referring to the structure that served as a base for the wiki, where you split presence and follow-up. I am not certain we need to rework this structure, since it brings interesting questions – some of them still require unfolding since they sound quite abstract. Maybe, before we focus on whether we need to rethink this structure, we could clarify What is THX? so as to avoid misunderstandings and consolidate the Core – another point where you would probably be the right person to explicit what it means from your experience.

It now seems to me (as a person deeply commited to telepresence and net relationships) that creating a divide between the two “times” was misguided on my part.

i remember talking about the eversion of cyberspace, bringing back from the net a new conception of organizing and interacting. maybe we could frame things in convex and concav aspects of reality to express the core through different “times” ? it’s the same shape, except we formaliser the way we look at it to create our organization ?

i agree with you about defining thx. Where would you start ?

end goal for me is still trying to find new forms of topless organizations that could allow intimate distance and bursts of proximity.

i’m still obsessed by this zine idea :slight_smile: maybe we could find a form for this too ?

Hey @sabrina indeed, if I would qualify thx,

I guess, I would start from the continuity of engagement between all mediums, from the physical (people have arrive at Paf before and are still staying there now), and in the meantime we continue here and on other places. Maybe thx is more about opening doors, synthesising and opening further doors.
I feel that modus operandi is important, I mean focusing on the continuity preparation meeting traces spreading.
Also challenge the frames of reference used for thinking in current social model, this comes back modus operandi, formal presentations are problematic, because the presenters stays in a zone of comfort.

As for what is thx the wiki up here has grown, [Workshop] Governance toolbox to improve our projects it can be used as a starting point for explaining not so much who we are but how we want to proceed.

I’d like to be in it.

Regarding the zine, I already proposed:

I can set this up tomorrow so we can get started ASAP. I wonder if we could do it in French since @sabrina chose to write in French and we’re mostly French-speaking. What do you think? Maybe a bilingual version would work as well but with more effort… Or we can split two groups.

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i think bilingual is rad and that having a single sign-on is a great idea. let’s do it !

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An important question to answer is: who does thx address, I mean first starting point it addresses people and groups who have a technological practice that is … almost everyone…
So we need to qualify who we want to address resistance networks of course but also those who formulate ideas and opinions about society (that is our existing technical society).

  • Those who produce free technologies
  • Those who develop counter-narratives
  • Those who develop and produce resistance praxis

Please see https://thx.zoethical.org/ (you will be automatically logged in). As you come, I’ll add you to Staff and we can start from there.

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