Une fois pour TOOT ! A mastodon in Brussels

Une fois pour TOOT !

We’ve setup a Mastodon instance to provide for a social media alternative to our friends and neighbors.

Are you using corporate social media?

These deprive us and our communities from the freedom to coordinate and act together in contradiction with the corporate values set forth by globalization; and of course, as you already know, they’re part of a global apparatus of surveillance and social control.

Is the network effect what bothers you – the fact ‘everybody is there’? Well, good news is: you can still use these corporate networks as leaves, while moving your social network to an alternative, such as Mastodon.

Wait, what? Social network, social media?

Social networks are us. Social media are our loudspeakers. Social media are the digital vehicle of our social networks – we can change social media. Social networks are what remains between us when there’s no electricity anymore.

Are you already using Mastodon?

Please connect to our members’ accounts to facilitate the federation: following each other will connect the various instances and extend the mesh network. The association’s account is ps@s10y.eu, where we’ll post announcements.

Are you not using any social media?

Congratulations! You’ve found a way to escape global surveillance, information overflow and the anguish it generates. We want to hear about your ways to connect to your social networks without indulging in the digital social media mess.

Support your instance

:ps: provides the Mastodon instance as a service, and we’re aiming to support the cost of running a social medium beyond our own immediate social network. One obvious way to support the instance is to become a member of the association. We’re having a general assembly in March, stay tuned! Another way is to donate specifically to support that instance. You can as well send donations to our bank account as indicated in the about page.

Welcome to the first public Mastodon instance in Brussels.


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Élo, the About page sais: “Use English, French, or Flemish on this instance. Other languages will be excluded.”
Should be Dutch instead of Flemish :wink:

Flemish is a national variety of the Dutch language as spoken in Belgium.

That said, if you want to moderate German, @agnez, we can add it to the list!

I could, but I say that only because I hope that there is close to nothing to do!

What does moderating on mastodon mean? Should you follow content actively or only be there for complaints?

I guess that would be for complaints. I don’t see anyone following all contents all the time.

Voici un lien d’invitation pour ouvrir un compte sur https://ps.s10y.eu.

combien expiration lien d’invitation
0 / 5 January 19, 2019, 1:39 PM https://ps.s10y.eu/invite/zVhNf36W

C’est pour rapatrier @supergeante :wink:


crée, mais vu comme j’utilise mastodon… c’est plus symbolique qu’autre chose!

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Shutting down Mastodon?

It’s been a bit more than a year that we’ve been running Mastodon on ps.s10y.eu. A few days ago, the service stopped because it grew wild and ate up the available disk space. It’s not a lot, but as we had other things to do, I moved on a slow lane to restore it on a larger server (the assets copy still runs).

Four days without Mastodon brought @natacha and I a lot of peace of mind. One thing we found is that the endless feed of news, be it on Twitter or Mastodon, does not bring much to our community, while not having it does not break up the community either.

How have you been doing in this last few days?
Did you use other Mastodon instances?

Soon our Mastodon instance is coming back up, but we’re wondering whether we actually need it. The following poll will close in 15 days. Let’s see how it goes…

  • Keep Mastodon service
  • Close Mastodon service

0 voters

Mastodon is back online. Still moving some assets.

I moved it to a stronger server.

What’s new?

  • You can now register your profile to the public directory that allows people to find your account more easily based on your tags, labels, etc.

See more changes at https://github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/releases/tag/v2.7.1

but it’s great to have a local social media (at least manage by locals…)
maybe it’s something else thats is needed, something less passive than tweets/toots system, sthg that help to communicate/organise (because you’re right, news create fear nowadays, and fear passivity,…) actually news are maybe not essential, we basically already know enough to engage…

Merci Vincent :slight_smile:

I’m not concerned about fear, but by drifting away from the original intent.

Sorry I will not vote here I generally do not vote for things and do not like voting processes.
As I said on Mastodon, never had facebook or Twitter account I thought it was out of of disgust for corporations but now after my experience of Mastodon, I think social media in itself is toxic.
I think spending time behind a keyboard is not a social experience, It probably makes sense for developpers but in my point of view not as a general social experience; for that we have bars, face to face is a lot better, for information: we have newspapers, and community led projects such as
https://talk.incommon.cc or here (I mean this forum) inhabited by a couple hundred users and where everyone is welcome to start a structured conversation, would be real great to see u around more often @alt241
My conclusion on a few monthes of Mastodon experience, i the feeling of a shower of unstructured info, non searchable information, that takes out much time a lot better spent walking in the parc and interacting with one’s neighbourghs.

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I count that as a no. After some discussion we decided that we would keep Mastodon for :ps: announcements, but will refrain from using it otherwise. We don’t even need our own infrastructure for this, so the question is still open (for another 11 days).

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J’ai arrêté le service Mastodon afin de faciliter la discussion en cours sur le Mumble.
Si le service vous manque merci de le dire :slight_smile: Il sera de nouveau actif vers 18h00

The mastodon is back! Merci de votre patience (ou plutôt, de votre intérêt dans les éclaircies :sunny: )

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Mastodon service is back. Some system library update had broken dependencies and the crontab did not operate correctly.

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Pour information, le bloquage de mamot.fr est maintenant effectif. Je n’avais pas eu le temps de m’en occuper avant mais c’est chose faite. Merci à @Sylvhem@eldtrich.cafe pour son aide.

Voir aussi la tirade sur le confusionnisme de Will Stochastique :

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