THX Kitchen

THX is about self-organization, infrastructure, and solidarity. Therefore everyone is going to make at least one turn in the kitchen to prepare the meals, including serving the meal and cleaning up.

Links to the wiki require a login and password: see the Matrix room’s topic for those.


All menus are vegetarian, and offer a vegan option:

Shopping list

This is the current shopping list:

Special Regimes

If you have food allergies, etc. please tell us in advance!

Working in the Kitchen

  • Rule #1: wash your hands, and keep them clean
  • Rule #2: follow the recipes – eventually complete them in the wiki
  • Rule #3: meal service and kitchen cleanup are not optional!
  • Rule #4: cooking together is a joyful experience, and your joy is tasty!
  • Rule #5: communicate; com-mu-ni-cate; communicate!

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