THX Everyone! Reflecting on our Diffractions

THX was a great event. I want to share my reflections on what happened during these intense moments together, and make some announcements on the next steps we already envisioned during the debriefing session we had on Sunday evening.

First of all, I want to thank you all for your warm presence. It was great to meet all of you, and I wish we continue this exploration together.

@thx was born of the encounter of @0xf, @natacha and @how with the idea of bridging the networks of :ps: with this of PAF: this did not work out so well since only 3 came from PAF. We were expecting more people from the PAF network, especially as there are some very close and interesting groups from there.

The preparation of THX did not go as intented, and I felt compeled to bring up at the last moment a tight schedule, partly to convey the intensity of what we had in mind, and partly because of the stress caused by this lack of preparation: my wild guess is that it was partly what prompted two of us to leave early. You must know that already on day one, this schedule was challenged by a nice drift away from it, and we totally discarded the whole timings and group structures early on day two to open the space to actual self-organization, as we explored the concept of Temps commun (Common Time).

On day one we had three groups, one per #thx-topic. I was part of the infrastructure group, where two separate conversations converged to think about care as infrastructure, and as soon as the call for more people needed in the kitchen was brought up, we decided to all move there and prepare lunch, enacting our thinking.

Day two started with four out of six “activators” abandoning their post, one in bed, overwhelmed by flu, the other three taking care of preparing lunch. Apparently the remaining party decided not to split and continued the work as a single group. Meanwhile, informal conversations between smaller groups during the whole event led to more productive activity on the forum.

Two aspects of THX caught my attention:

  1. The quality of exchange among people and the will to explore together seemed more important than the actual productive outcomes.
  2. All of the interventions, in group sessions or in workshops, were more beginnings than oriented towards an actionable outcome – which we discuss below.

The lack of concrete outcome was a bit frustrating. I guess the initial loaded time table influenced this state of the group, and also reflecteddiffracted the long discussion we had on day one around Common Time (understood as a mean to disentangle from the dominant linear time and create transindividual collective): my take from this is that there’s an interest in pursuing this exploration according to each person or group’s situation.

The overarching feeling of incompletude and scratching the surface seems to confirm the need for more of such gatherings to appear, in more places. During the debrief session on last Sunday we suggested a number of upcoming events:

I think we have gathered people who are willing to pursue what was only brushed at THX. What do you think?

Where do we go from here?

Since then we discussed what would be the next steps.

  1. The about topic in the THX conference should be written so that it can serve as a starting point to establish a Core, as suggested by @sabrina. The topic should make it clear to newcomers what THX is about, and how to get involved. See What is THX?
  2. Then we can gather at OFFDEM and validate. (You may want to request access to the #cooperation:offdem conference for preparation?)

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