OFFDEM O₂ 2022 − Hospitality & Transportation

After some quick discussions with friends and with more broadly people, I’m landing here with an idea of facilitating and listing many options for upcoming folks in OFFDEM.

To find a place to live when we come from outside Brussels, respecting each individual and choices, with the possibility to live and socialize together, seems to me to be part of the issues of hospitality.

Hence this open discussion here. Feel free to ask questions and/or suggest plans.


Amazing, thanks for starting this conversation, petites singularités can certainly facilitate hosting for people coming from out of Brussels.

  • There is space available at KBC where we can host people who wish to sleep in the occupation.
  • We have plenty of friends who are pleased to host our friends.

About transport:

  • petites singularités can sponsor some train tickets, please ask by any means you feel comfortable with, if this could support you in joining OFFDEM.

One thing that happens a lot when groups come who cannot be hosted at home, is to rent a flat together. There is a community-based hospitality network that could cooperate for the occasion, reachable at

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