NGI0 Discovery Funding


I’d like to ensure Baobaxia is applying to the NGI0 Discovery program to bring some funding to remake BBX on Django2 and Git-LFS. @agger would you be interested in doing it? What would your plan be (or: do you agree that Django upgrade + LFS is a good way to evolve BBX code)?

I highly recommend reading the latest article by @novaes: “Redes Comunitárias e a Promoção de Infraestruturas Autônomas de Comunicação”. (Thiago, would it be possible to upload it here?)

This could add a third aspect to growing BBX network using RDM. @befree wouldn’t you like that?

Let’s make it happen in the next two days, otherwise we must wait for 2 months – which might be a good thing as well, so we ensure how this plan will be conducted. @natacha, as you’ve been working through BBX wiki, would you like to help with the application?


Yes, thanks so much for following up on this, I indeed would be super happy to help on this, but for sure the initiative cannot come from me as I am not historically linked to baobaxia nor do I have thechnical capacity, but would be super glad to support!



We can try why not :slight_smile:

I don’t know how we can apply to this call to stay on topic (R&D on search).

We can try to speak about decentralized research?

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This would be amazing, I am quite sure it can work, the first round has just past but the second round will be on april 1st its only a 2 page application I d be happy to work this out with you, if you’d like, my understanding is that it would be best if it where a EUropean based company/structure/person (yes it can be a person) who would ask for the funds, @agger maybe its a good idea if it were you, what do you and @befree think ¿

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