Making of

@HgO @tharyrok @fredux I will start working on this month and wanted to let you know so we can discuss things together.

From the top of my head, I imagine a static site fronting a Discourse. Normally I would use Gandi mail, but I guess Neutrinet has its own mail servers and an alias system that can replace that. The technical setup is simple: one email address is affected to the forum, and all other emails are aliases to this address.

Concerning the contents, I can see the following sections:

  • About OFFDEM
    • History
    • Manifesto
    • Event methodology
  • Events
    • Upcoming
      → information about next OFFDEM
    • Past
      • OFFDEM O3
      • OFFDEM O2
      • OFFDEM H2O
      • OFFDEM
  • Community
    → outcomes of work groups, ongoing initiatives, follow-ups

Anyone interested in helping around is welcome.