Libre hosters conf 2020

Here is a proposal to organize a Librehoster Festival on 5, 6, 7 of November 2020. I’d like to check with all @Sing members that there’s no conflicting dates and confirm ASAP so that we can get started announcing the event.

  • OK with the proposed dates
  • NO, there’s a conflicting event (please comment)

0 voters

Hello, I may not have the ressources to contribute nor participate to the event for defferent reasons

  • even if Chez Mémé would probably have to become member of it,
  • even if I love the idea and would like to contribute to c.h.a.t.o.n.s and Librehosters, I’ve spent nearly 0 hours to follow or participate,
  • with Neutrinet we will have just closed de FFDN AG (16-19 October)
  • and our new place to live will probably ask me to work on the UPN with @fredux

But… who knows about the future… not I.

And the vote is already closed … that’s fast for my inner rythm.
:leopard: vs :snail:

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