Inspirations references

Just came across this wild book:
Energy and Experience: An Essay in Nafthology
By Antti Salminen & Tere Vadén

It feels the approach of the subject is quite similar to TCNXSNM a brief extract of the introduction.

"Salminen’s and Tere Vadén’s account is what in most traditions
is a fundamental antinomy of capitalist modernity: the general
economy, or what we might call the cosmic rhythms of force,
motion, and expenditure, and the political economy of capital
and the world it creates in its image. Very much in the spirit
of Georges Bataille, from whom the idea of a general economy
is inherited, this book takes seriously the consequences of an
economic system logically tied to a productivism never fully
satisfied by human labor power. And in an era fully saturated
with the market rhythms and material residues of a fossil-fueled
global economy, the critique of energy this book makes available
could not have come at a better time. "

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