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  1. a large number of alternative ISPs building InfraRED and the LibreHosters network seem to think it’s desirable, and :ps: counts among them. ↩︎

This is a wiki.


Related Concepts

Tracés journal issue about infrastructures, technology and politics

Here is a 2018 issue from the tracés social science journal about infrastructure that I find wonderful : Infrastructures, technique et politique

Sadly it’s only in french but the bibliographies alone are insightfull.

Concerning information tech there are an article from Francesca Musiani about infra and internet governance and another from Clément Marquet about cloud and datacenters.

Here is the original English article from Susan Leigh Star “The Ethnography of Infrastructure” star1999.pdf (100 KB)

here is something i wrote with selena about infrastructure and feminist hackerspaces:

Feminist Hackerspace as a Place of Infrastructure Production

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