Expressions of Interest


Thanks @pierreozoux for letting us know on OFFDEM, great initiative :slight_smile:
Me and my friends at Cloud68 would also be interested to join the discussion on LibreHosters (or co-host with you). There will be 2 or 3 people from our team present there.

Looking forward.



Thank you for your interest @silva.arapi, please refer to the dedicated topic for upcoming organization of the discussion. I had @pierreozoux on the phone today and we’re planning on two sessions: one more oriented towards hosters, and one more towards users.

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Hello you all,
auto-presentation in short : i’m GNU-Linux installer at the Bxlug (G-L User Group of Brussels) and animator of Source, a FLOSS show on Radio Campus (92.1 FM), the station of the ULB, where the fOSDEM will take place.

How would you feel about the idea and opportunity of a (web)radio during the 1st OFFDEM ?

I’m interested in :

  • setting a 4 mic brodcast studio @ VSP, during the whole week-end.
  • streaming on the web 24/24 and live on air on Radio Campus 92.1 fm, on Saturday between 12-15 PM.
  • giving voice to your communities, experiences, preferred CC-BY-SA musics between talks, and inhabitants of the VSP who welcome us.
  • gathering informations about your POI to elaborate a proto broadcast time schedule in this pad.

Any advices, suggestions, demands are welcome… Let’s make it sound… Stay tuned !


Intresed in presenting this online talk with Q&A about rebooting indymedia as a part of the fedivers.

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Welcome Hamish! I would suggest, instead of a talk (since people have the time to watch it), a hands-on workshop and concrete participation involving people interested in making it happen and collaborate to reboot IndyMedia.

Happy to do that tell me more.

What’s the time frame for this?


If we organize another OFFDEM it will be the first weekend of February 2021. See Why OFFDEM?
Note that there is zero interest in making an “online” OFFDEM: it’s a presencial gathering or nothing.

I live on a boat and could be around that area as currently near Amsterdam.

What’s the dislike of the online?

@ptr_here also has boats in Brussels port.

It’s not a dislike, but our interest is to gather people. The consensus seems to be about obeying orders without any question and leaving those who cannot out of the picture. Not here. We know we are not numerous, and that’s fine: since the beginning we’ve been advocating for smaller, distributed events. So it’s not the moment not to gather, quite the contrary.

If we start some inventory of the different places where we could gather for the 6th and the 7th of February, 2021.

  • Hacklab ± 5 people meeting / 0 sleeping: ok y/n,
  • Steki ± 12 people / 0 sleeping: ok y/n,
  • Caldarium ± 10 people / 4 sleeping: ok y/n,
  • dk 40 persons -1 floor, 60 persons ground floor no sleepping ok for public event if it is legal in february if not only unlisted events

those are some examples.

Do we have to take « sleeping » into account or just some places « opened during day / night » ?