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@marcel I see that does not link to a public Git repository:

we don’t have the time and resources to make the Demosphere code easy to install, configure and maintain. For now, it is best to consider this software only as a hosted solution. Please contact us if you are an experienced developper and are ready to invest considerable time and long term effort into creating and maintaining a public version of this software.

I’d like to understand your interest in bringing more developers on board of your software development. Is it because you’re alone doing it that you don’t provide a public interface to your development workflow?

What would you need – if you want to – to move to full-blown public development?

There is an internal git repository.
I’m not fond of public repositories for privacy reasons.
Yes I’m developing alone.

What would you need – if you want to – to move to full-blown public development?

The dev tools are just a small detail. The complex server setup and the interactions between that setup and the software are a bigger deal. They make it harder for somebody else to run the software on their own server.
I stopped hoping for help on development a long time ago… :wink:
The extra work required to make everything portable only makes sense if there is a significant amount of contributed work by experienced programmers. That’s what the paragraph you quoted meant.

There is also an issue with the coding style. Demosphere is mostly not class-oriented (but not entirely) . This is a deliberate choice. I don’t believe in class-oriented programming and class oriented design-patterns (I taught those for a while). So somebody that wants to help has to accept that …

There are some points I/we do really need help on. As you have probably noticed the site’s graphics design is very outdated. I’m just not a graphics design professional…
We tried to work on it last summer, but the lack a professional designer shows:

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